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OPVAP.PictureProcess (OPEN SOURCE)

PictureProcess is an open source program implemented with Matlab, which is used to process your experimental figure, such as further analyzing the AFM graph and the SEM graph, and retrieve data form figure.

Sometimes, when we are looking at poster or reading paper, some data impress us so much such that we want to cite them in our publications or do further study based on it. However, usually, it is not as good as we supposed, i.e., this figure is not clear enough for reprint, and it is impossible to obtain the original data from the author published in tens of years ago. Then, we are thinking about to find a platform to restore the data from this figure.jpg .bmp .tif, whatever the format is. This is OPVAP.PictureProcess can do. Now we released version 1.1 which includes basic function, and grid off function. The professional version that can extract data from histogram, pie chart, scatter diagram, and 3D figure is coming soon.


Here are some examples this platform can do.
The figure you uploaded, is imported as a pixel matrix. Using "Distance Matrix" method, the blurred points in the original figure were kicked out. Then, after thinning and smoothing curve, the new figure is reproduced finally. You can save the data as .txt or data format


There are several plug-in to do more complicated image process such as remove the grid line as shown below


Besides continuous curve, this platform can also obtain data by identifying color, symbol shape and gray scale as below. In addition, it works well when you are picking data from discrete points.


If your image could not be extracted into data by PP version 1.1, you can email your image too opvap@inwake.com with explanation, and we are going to help you address it asap. Thank you.

You can report problem and ask question here, or leave your message on our forum (English, Chinese)

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