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Solar Simulator Lens Lens Solar Cell


Solar Simulator
Default value
Output Power 100mW/cm^2
Wavelength Range from to from 200nm~2000nm
Illumination heterogeneity (Reference) 0

Solar cell
Default value
Series Reisitance Rs (ohm.cm^2) 10
Shunt Resistance Rsh (ohm.cm^2) 500
Ideality factor 1
Saturation current of diode J0 (mA/cm^2) 1.0E-7
Photocurrent Jph (mA/cm^2)  
Active area (cm^2) 1 Equivalent Circuit


Setup of simulation output
Default value
Voltage range from to from -1.5V~+1.5V

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The Result

Figure: Heterogeneous light distribution Figure. J-V curve from the data below (click Image button)

Jsc=mA/cm^2 Voc=V FF= Eff=%
IV data generated from input Rs= ohm.cm^2 Rsh= ohm.cm^2


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